About us


"Emerald Glass Gallery is the worlds first exclusively high end functional glass art gallery.  No more sifting through production in distasteful atmospheres to find the gems, Emerald only carries the best of the best in a professional friendly environment in the heart of Humboldt county.  With seasonal shows representing the top artists in the industry and a constantly rotating display of fresh glass, this is the premier destination for the discerning glass collector.  Located at 740 15th Street in Arcata, CA and open Saturdays from noon to 6 or shown by appointment. Please call or email for more information and hope to seeya at the next show!"

Phone: 707-296-3479

Email: inquiries@emeraldglassgallery.com



"The City Gallery is a contemporary glass art gallery located in downtown San Francisco hosting monthly shows for different functional glass artists from across the country.  Located at 1040 Larkin St in San Francisco and open Friday-Saturday 2-9pm or call/email to schedule a private viewing."